Last night’s meeting went well. We had a good size group from the local church, as well as a few others on this mailing list who decided to come. Being only one minute away from our house made it extremely easy, especially since I had to run back twice for things I forgot!

Last night we asked the question, “If the church has only been off by one degree for 2,000 years, what kind of a difference would it make?”
We then took a serious look at why Christ came to this earth and discovered something amazing; it wasn’t primarily about us!
I am calling this series of teachings the “One Degree Off Mini-Series.” It is a mini-series because I’ll be doing longer podcasts later in the year. Those will go much more in depth.
One woman came up and said, “That was the best message I’ve ever heard in my entire life!”
To listen to this first message or download it to your devices, Click Here.

God was glorified. I think they’re keeping me, so I’m on again for next Wednesday night (though Debby and I are flying out to Orlando this Saturday)! Check out our book on this here.

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