Debby and I just finished a one week vacation with our family. Our daughter flew in from Lebanon. Our son and his family drove in from Ohio. (Our other son and daughter live in the area.) We spent seven heavenly days with everyone in Williamsburg!

The Sjogren Clan

Between laughing, playing card games, swimming and playing badminton, we had an absolute blast.

At dinner one night, it hit me how blessed I was and how thankful I am that each of us have chosen to follow the Lord. Not many families can do what we do. Many are broken and at best, dysfunctional.

Deb and I 33 Years Into Marriage!

No one ever tells you when you are young that a simple choice that you make early on in life can affect the rest of your life and either lead to a functional or dysfunctional life.

In our love for each other, I see the glory of God. I’m so glad I’ve chosen to follow Jesus, not just for my sake, but for my entire family’s sake.

Luke, Elise, Abby and Hunter

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