About UnveilinGLORY

Who We Are:

UnveilinGLORY is all about one thing: glorifying God in all areas of life and seeing that glory go to all peoples of the world.

For decades we did it only by speaking to adults. Then we added children’s seminars. In the recent years, we have been putting our focus on mobilizing homeschoolers.

Why homeschoolers? Because adults can hear a thirty-minute sermon and it is forgotten within three days time.Homeschoolers are forced by their parents (☺)  to go through the material for thirty minutes, three times a week, thirty weeks out of a year. That produces life change!

UnveilinGLORY now has eight new curricula to help homeschoolers see the priority of living for God’s glory. They will also be encouraged to see His glory go out to all the nations. Beginning in Kindergarten and going through high school, we are helping students see the priority of taking God’s glory to the nations to transform lives.

Cat and Dog Theology:

At the heart of all we teach is Cat and Dog Theology. Cat and Dog Theology focuses on the root problem found in most believers and most churches: the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Most Christians don’t put Christ as Lord because they are confused. They believe Christ died solely for them—therefore it must be all about them. Why give your life to others when it’s all about you?

We clear this up by helping them see that Christ died primarily to glorify His Father. And since that is the case, everything revolves around God and His glory. And His greatest glory will shine when it goes out to all nations.

We believe His glory is something worth living for, something worth suffering for, something worth dying for.

Homeschool Convention Workshops

Listen to the most attended workshops Bob gives at homeschool conventions
(1 hour each):

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