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Elementary Kit! Cat and Dog Theology: Living To Make God Famous

Cat and Dog Audio Files: If you do not have a CD drive to play the audio files, click on the following link to access them:


Green Coloring Cartoon Book, Cartoon #17 & 102 Differences Between Cats and Dog, and Cartoon #93, Down’s Syndrome Child

The Children’s Workbook, Corrected Page 2

The Parent’s Guide book, Page 64, lesson 48, at the bottom Optional Lesson: Look up Cartoon 93 (not 106)

The Parent’s Guide book, page 81 Lesson 61: A “Gentle king” should be “gentile king”

Having a hard time integrating the Elementary cartoons your kids have to color with the actual coloring book? Click here to figure out how to match them up!

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Website Addresses


Link Problems?

The link: https://www.thebrooknetwork.org/wp- content/uploads/2011/12/BibleIn90Days.pdf can be found at: https://www.thebrooknetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/BibleIn90Days.pdf. Note, it is the exact same address, but the space between the “p- content” is not there.

Corrected Link: https://www.servantevangelism.com/videos/introduction-to-servant-evangelism/

The third one works when the space is taken out as well AND when you take out to “s” in “https”. It is not secure. So it is: https://thetruthmadesimple.org/servant-leadership-insight-from-matthew-121/

Regarding the fourth video, that has been taken down by the Jesus Film people. It no longer works.

Regarding the fifth, this too has been taken down. Please go to “youtube.com” and search for “red rover game.”


Year 1: Cat and Dog Theology

How To Understand The Answer Key

Missing Footnotes 181-212

How To Use BlueLetterBible.org

On Page 66, the words of the dog need a “g” in “judment.

On page 193, question #15 doesn’t have an answer. To see that answer, click here.

In the “Optional Lessons” section, it is now easier to go to YouTube and watch the videos there. Please go to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpOv-7M7YZhlTOPpIT97Cg/playlists and choose the playlist which matches your section and watch the videos from there!

Year 2: RG3

Why Pages 13 and 18 are Incorrect

The New Page 13

The New Page 18

RG3 Workbook Page 270: When it says “Turn to page 235” it is referencing the appendix in the book “God’s Bottom Line” not the actual workbook itself.

Unfortunately, some of the videos we reference in the RG3, Year 2 curriculum have been taken down. There are updated links for you to use:

Year 3: Preparing for Eternity

The YouTeach Slides for “Why” are incomplete. They only go to slide 43. You can get the new one by clicking here for a new PDF that is complete.