Last night we did a Bible study on the book of James. We went back and asked, “Is Luther right, ‘Salvation is by faith alone, but faith is never alone'”? Or is there something else to the book of James that makes a whole lot more sense and is a lot easier to understand.

I walked into the Bible study very prepared. We were going to look at a whole new definition for the word “faith” and for “saved.” The Bible uses both words quite a few times and it is not in the context of getting into heaven.

We did that and those alone helped tremendously. But something dawned on me about 30 minutes before I taught the study. (If I was very charismatic I would say “God spoke to me 30 minutes before the study! 🙂

After seeing this totally new, biblical perspective, James came completely together. And it was so easy to understand. I like to call it, “Common Sense Christianity.”

To find out what it was, listen to Lecture #15 at

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