Let’s be honest. The Bible can be very difficult to understand.

When I was a child, I had my catholic friends and my protestant friends.

My catholic friends said I had to be a good person in order to get to heaven. My protestant friends said I had to trust Jesus by faith alone. The problem was THEY BOTH HAD SCRIPTURE TO BACK IT UP.

I chose to believe by faith alone. It changed my life. But I had to scratch my head about so many verses in the Bible that spoke about works. If you are intellectually honest, the Bible is full of passages about works. I never understand those passages.

It was only until I was in my early fifties that I began to gain a clear understanding of the difference between grace versus works. Now the Bible makes so much more sense.

I began speaking on this difference in my Wednesday night teachings. It is lecture #12. Please check it out at: https://www.unveilinglory.com/wednesday-night-teachings

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