Debby and I just returned from a two-week trip to India. The goal was to go to a seminary and help the students see that life is all about glorifying God.

The good news is that they got it! The sad news is that they went through an entire year at a seminary and weren’t taught this. I’m hoping this will change for the first year students.

The Seminary Students in Northern India

It was so exciting to hear them give testimonies of how their hearts and lives were changed. One young man said, “This is going to bring revival to the church in Myanmar.”

My wife came along with me. She gave a great talk on the difference between being a pipe and a bucket. Most Christians are buckets. They get and get and get, but never pass it on to others. We are supposed to be a bucket, with the knowledge that God has blessed us to be a blessing to others.

Debby teaching about being a pipe and not a bucket!

She also got to know all of the ladies at the seminary one-one-one. (She is a total people person.) They loved her and letting her come back to the United States was hard for some of them. As one texted after we got back, “Maam, I miss you too much.”

One of the greatest concepts for them was seeing the difference between grace and works. For them, after “praying the prayer” there wasn’t much to do except to pray and ask God to bless you. This new teaching gave them a whole new meaning to what it means to be a Christian.

All of the messages were recorded. They’ve also been posted on our website. If you want to listen to them (there are 33 of them, each about an hour long), go to There you can catch a fresh vision of what God is doing for His glory.

Thanks for helping make this all happen. If you want to see videos of the students testimonies, email me at Thanks. Bob

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