Jesus lived for 33 years on this earth. The last three years of his life was given to his ministry. At the end of those last three years, right before he ascended into heaven, he gave his disciples (and us, the Church), the Great Commission.

Because it was so late in Jesus’ ministry, was it an afterthought?

Did Jesus get to the end of his three years of ministry and say, “Hey guys, wait! I forget to tell you something. You’re supposed to go reach the nations. But listen, it’s getting late, so I tell you what. I’ll send you the Holy Spirit and he’ll give you all wisdom in what you’re supposed to do.”

Zap, then Jesus went up to heaven, and we were left with the Great Commission.

Or was reaching the nations the heart of Jesus’ ministry? Did he focus on the nations right from the very start?

Depending on how you answer this question, reaching the nations will have a very different priority for you.

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